September 2012

More Joel Kinnaman

2012-09-30 // 0 Comments

Joel Kinnaman, the Swedish-American actor with the uncannily beautiful features gets to be a real big shot in Hollywood. The photo here has been published when it was still a rumour that Joel Kinnaman will be the hero in Robocop-Reboot – well, male beauty and robotics go well together, we learned that with Jude Law [...]

Wrap up 8. Zurich Film Festival 20.-30.9.2012

2012-09-30 // 0 Comments

Apart from the fact, that I have neither seen nor reviewed* any of the films which were awarded (well, APPASSIONATA got the viewer’s award) I’m leaving the Zurich Film Festival today with very mixed feelings. Let’s wrap this up: TRENDING THEMES AND TOPICS– Never before have I seen films which showed so much endless smoking [...]


2012-09-30 // 0 Comments

The international première at the Zurich Film Festival of this second of three parts is directed by Barak Najafi. It’s still beautifully made, the overall optic impression recalls the first part – hell, there’s even better original music and nicer photography – but lots of open questions remain unanswered and some of the plot points [...]

The Science behind the Magic

2012-09-28 // 0 Comments

Did you know that Disney has a research facility in Zurich? Prof. Dr. Markus Gross leads the Computer  Graphics Laboratory at ETH Zürich, Disney Research Zürich lets us know right now what the future will bring in 3D animation and special [...]


2012-09-28 // 0 Comments

THE SAPPHIRES is an Australian musical turned music movie about four Aboriginal girls ( Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Shari Sebbens, Miranda Tapsell) singing in Vietnam, their fights among each other and their whacky but likable manager Dave (Chris O’Dowd). It’s also a film inspired by four actual living and breathing women, who have done a [...]

JAGTEN – The Hunt

2012-09-28 // 2 Comments

To see Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, the Odin like hero of “Valhalla Rising”, starring in JAGTEN as a plain 40 year old Kindergarten teacher is in itself a challenge. To see him get stalked and beat up by his own best friends, because there’s a rumour going around, that he might have molested a child, [...]

Mikael Persbrandt

2012-09-27 // 4 Comments

Manchmal fällt einem ein Schauspieler besonders auf – wenn mir das “passiert”, dann versuche ich den Menschen dahinter zu verorten. Meist kann ich mir dann zusammen reimen, warum dieser oder jener genau jene Rollen spielt, genau diese Stimmungen authentischer als andere rüberbringt oder genau im richtigen Moment am richtigen Ort zu sein scheint. Abgesehen von [...]
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