ARGO by and with Ben Affleck

Premiere in German Speaking countries: Ben Affleck greeted the Zurich Gala audience with a vid statement, announcing that his movie had actually to do with Switzerland 🙂 ARGO is based on the true story about how in 1980, after Ayatollah Khomeini had toppled the Shah Reza Pahlevi, six Americans were smuggled out of Teheran posing as a Canadian film crew. They pretended to have been scouting exotic locations for the movie Argo, a “blockbuster” which was invented and marketed solely for the above mentioned purpose. And Affleck, who played the CIA agent Mendez, hadn’t lied to his Swiss crowd: They escaped with a Swissair flight to Zurich. How befitting. The beginning of the film is a huge hoot, totally without respect for either the CIA nor the big Hollywood studios (George Clooney is among the producers). The middle part is pure thrill, the way Hollywood is just good at delivering – sometimes overdoing it, but we’re used to that too. What irks me is the blatant US patriotism at the end, the kitschy All American clichées and the failure to haul back in a little bit if the humour of the first part. Verdict: Meticulously set and photographed, but – alas – ruined by too much pathos towards the end. Sorry, Ben 🙂

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