October 2012

HOMEVIDEO mit Wotan Wilke Möhring

2012-10-31 // 0 Comments

Gestern abend, SF2: Das Drama HOMEVIDEO (2011) mit dem jungen Hauptdarsteller Jonas Nay als Jakob (Wotan Wilke Möhring spielt den heillos überforderten Vater Claas) nimmt das brandaktuelle Thema Cybermobbing unter Jugendlichen auf. Jakob’s Eltern haben andere Probleme als ihren in sich gekehrten Sohn, sie sind in Scheidung begriffen – da kommt das reiche Muttersöhnchen Henry [...]

Tom Tykwer’s COULD ATLAS

2012-10-30 // 0 Comments

“Glad I read the book first” posted a friend on Google+ … The Hollywood Reporter calls the film a “hugely ambitious, genre-jumping, century-hopping epic … with added doses of gore, CGI, New Age kitsch, and more prosthetics than a veterans hospital in wartime” … while Roger Ebert is cleary in awe of the “daring and visionary film” [...]

Göran Stangertz is dead

2012-10-29 // 0 Comments

Swedish actor Göran Stangertz (left) died Saturday night at the age of 68. Skådespelaren Göran Stangertz avled på lördagskvällen. Han blev 68 år. Göran Stangertz har gått [...]

M:DOX Malmö Doc Film Festival

2012-10-29 // 0 Comments

High time to register for MalmöThis year M: DOX will take place November 8 to 11 in the Moorish Pavilion in Malmö. For the seventh year in a row M:Dox reunites documentary filmmakers, financiers, distributors and others from across the country along with invited guests. Organized by Film i Skåne. Dags att anmäla sig till [...]


2012-10-27 // 2 Comments

Sony’s Hallowe’en treat HOTEL TRANSSYLVANIA is a real hoot … no wonder, Adam Sandler co-produced the film and he speaks (and sings) the infamous Count Dracula who – mainly for his daughter’s sake –  changed his castle into a hotel, a refuge for monsters … because Bigfoot, Mummy and Co. are scared to death of [...]


2012-10-26 // 1 Comment

Der Titelsong des neuen James Bond kommt von der fantastischen Sängerin Adele und geht ganz shön unter die Haut. Der Film läuft demnächst in den deutschsprachigen Ländern an. The newest James Bond has a great opening number by unbelievable singer Adele. The film starts demnächst in German speaking [...]

Dangerous Encounter

2012-10-25 // 2 Comments

Oh yes … I bet a lot of us ladies wouldn’t say no to THAT encounter. Calvin Klein won Alexander Skarsgård for this clip, (in)famous for his role of dark Viking Vampire Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood [...]
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