RUSH is about Superheroes: Best film ever

Niki Lauda has always been a living legend to us Austrians. After having seen Ron Howard’s epic film RUSH here at the ZFF though, Niki goes right up to Olympus for this Austrian girl. And so does German actor Daniel Brühl. It’s eerie how he just IS Niki Lauda, gait, face, speech, eyes and all. Kudos, Mr. Brühl! Oscar worthy. Studied close ups, frantic cuts, shrieking atmo and an amazing score by Alan Zimmer add to the impression: This is the best film I have ever seen. No kidding. Nothing comes close. Nothing! One word to übersexy THOR star Chris Hemsworth playing James Hunt: A British accent makes even this Adonis of a man that tad more attractive 🙂

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4 Comments on RUSH is about Superheroes: Best film ever

  1. Came to say that I totally support this post 🙂

    • Elisabeth Schabus // 2014-01-15 at 13:37 // Reply

      Gah! Daniel Brühl didn’t get the Golden Globe I would have awarded him …

  2. Best film ever? Are you sure about that because I can think of at least two other but haven’t seen Rush so maybe I just stop writing here.. 😉

    • Elisabeth Schabus // 2014-01-15 at 13:39 // Reply

      The Golden Globe 2014 Jury didn’t award it, but the movie and Daniel Brühl got nominated. Heja!

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