November 2013

A strong man to behold

2013-11-21 // 0 Comments

Ah, he’s charming. And strong. And his show is as hard a fact as his muscles: Yes, he’s really bending that iron bar. Yes, he’s really balancing that cask on one arm (try to lift one with both hands, if you dare) … and yes, he’s Austrian. Nah! Not a bodybuilder. Robert Spindler is the [...]

HÄMNDEN Rache Vendetta Revenge …

2013-11-09 // 0 Comments

IN A BETTER WORLD is the English title of that 2010 Danish film by Susanne Bier, which won that 2011 Oscar for best … what do they call it at that film academy over the pond?…. alien, abroad, non-US, outlandish?? utländiskt film. HÄMNDEN is the Swedish name, and it means revenge. Nothing less. Swedish physician Anton [...]