SWAROVSKI has gone mad

What would you think as an ancestor, if your offspring did the exact opposite of what you and your family (supposedly) wanted for more than four generations?
Daniel Swarovski founded his magic crystal kingdom in 1895 by fleeing his Czechoslovakian homeland and setting up shop in the Austrian Alps. This was, as the corporate legend goes, because of his unique way of grinding those crystals which he wanted to see protected from copycats … hence the KRISTALLWELTEN, because nowbody was allowed to visit the hallowed production halls. What a corporate legend, what a powerful myth!

And this is why I (former employee and devout fan) think, that Swarovski has gone completely bonkers: For a couple of years now they’ve gone and sacked quite a number of their bluecollar workforce in their formerly sacred and secluded production plant and moved part of the production to – guess – the Czech Republic.

facepalm …. headdesk

“But as we’re seeing with so many other luxury brands, a number of MARQUES are compromising their own brand values and heritage by seeking to appeal to more and more customers – dilution and compromise in pursuit of volume.” (The Guardian)


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