CUT BANK with Liam Hemsworth and John Malkovich

The sheriff (John Malkovich) finds out what goes on behind a decrepit window.

CUT BANK (written by Robert Patino, directed by Matt Shakman) is a delightfully creepy thriller in the calm pace of a rural place like Cut Bank, Montana (if dubbed in German it should be in Bavarian dialect). And it starts out so nicely:

The young man and his fiancé capture something strange on their film.
The young man and his fiancé capture something strange on their film.

We see a young man (Liam Hemsworth) filming his fiancé (who wants to run for Miss Cutbank) in a field of yellow flowers. On his film – in the background – he will capture the cold blooded murder of a post official as well – what a coincidence, what luck! There is a 100’000 Dollar reward for such proof – a chance for the young man and his girl to make it to the big city. But why did this postman get shot in the first place, the local sheriff (John Malkovich) wonders? And where the heck is his body? No body, no murder, no reward. A Film buffs know, that the creepy guy rubbing his hands behind a decrepit window in the very first take of the film – right under the title – must have something to do with the dark things in this movie. Or does he? “Sometimes the truth is more than I prefer”, says the sheriff. Got it. No spoilers. Watch it yourself – it’s worth your while.

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