Alexander Skarsgård

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey

2013-09-24 // 0 Comments

Rumours after rumours claimed to see different actors in the lead role of “50 Shades of Grey” (we would have favoured Alexander Skarsgård under the direction of Lars von Trier), but now it seems 23 year young Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) got the part . . . writes on page 124 f in [...]

One Alex to play Christian Grey?

2013-05-29 // 0 Comments

A certain Alex might play the rich, disturbed (but oh so sexy!) Christian Grey from best-seller book series “50 Shades of Grey” (says quoting “a source”). Alas, it is NOT Alex Skarsgård (who’d have been our choice), but Alex Pettyfer, a British actor born in 1990, who allegedly already won an MTV Movie Nomination [...]

Skarsgård as Mr. Grey: 50 shades of awesome

2013-03-16 // 1 Comment

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie Casting: New Trailer Stars ‘True Blood’ Alexander Skarsgard and Alexis Bledel as Christian Grey, Ana Steele [VIDEO] : Fashion & Style as I already stated here Mr. Skarsgård would be my fav actor with Lars von Trier as my fav director. Skarsgård said he’s [...]

Alexander Skarsgård in WHAT MAISIE KNEW

2013-03-14 // 5 Comments

At last year’s Zurich Film Festival the Swedish filmmakers told me, that Alexander Skarsgård (MELANCHOLIA, TrueBlood) is an American actor now, even though he hails from Stockholm. I have to agree, he’s very much the US guy in the basically British movie  WHAT MAISIE KNEW – US start of the film is scheduled for May 2013. [...]

Dangerous Encounter

2012-10-25 // 2 Comments

Oh yes … I bet a lot of us ladies wouldn’t say no to THAT encounter. Calvin Klein won Alexander Skarsgård for this clip, (in)famous for his role of dark Viking Vampire Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood [...]

Skarsgård flattered by Fifty Shades rumours

2012-10-24 // 0 Comments

Mid August I posted something here and this on Google plus (one of my rare public posts): Photo: Steven Klein, GQ UK “Fifty Shades Of Grey I’m hooked, alas … read the first book in two days and bought number two and three today. There’s rumours about a 50 shades film project. Yes, I thought Robert Pattinson, when I [...]

Alexander Skarsgård (WHAT MAISIE KNEW) in Toronto

2012-09-14 // 0 Comments

Alexander Skarsgård, known as the 1000 year old Viking Vampire Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood, was interviewed at the Toronto Film Festival while taking a quick break from having spent the past two months in a fallout shelter filming the intense Warner Bros. movie HIDDEN, and being “emaciated,” losing 16 pounds for it. He [...]
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