Ben Affleck

GONE GIRL brilliant screenwriting

2014-10-03 // 0 Comments

Of course Rosamund Pyke and Ben Affleck are great in GONE GIRL, but how Gillian Flynn rewrote her own work really is an example on how to put a brilliant book into a script fit for the silver screen. Solid cinematography and disciplined editing add to the wonder: It is a rare thing that we [...]

GONE GIRL book and film

2014-09-18 // 0 Comments

What a read! I literally could not put it down … and I am looking forward to the film shown as Swiss première at the Zurich Film Festival on Monday, Sept. 29. Did Nick Dunne murder his wife? She has gone missing at the day of their 5th wedding anniversary. Everything seems to incriminate Nick, [...]

ARGO by and with Ben Affleck

2012-09-24 // 0 Comments

Premiere in German Speaking countries: Ben Affleck greeted the Zurich Gala audience with a vid statement, announcing that his movie had actually to do with Switzerland 🙂 ARGO is based on the true story about how in 1980, after Ayatollah Khomeini had toppled the Shah Reza Pahlevi, six Americans were smuggled out of Teheran posing [...]