Damon Younger

Hot Icelander part III: Damon Younger about life and fish

2014-12-22 // 0 Comments

The versatility of Icelandic actor Damon Younger comes from two sources, in my eyes: One being absolute dedication – to his body, to his voice and to his mind. The other is Damon’s unsatiable curiosity about all things concerning life. Icelanders are flabbergasted about how well he speaks Icelandic, he chuckles. Of course Damon Younger [...]

Hot Icelander – part II: Damon Younger

2014-12-20 // 0 Comments

Info about charismatic Icelandic actor Damon Younger is scarce, so we thought to contact him directly for some questions, such as: Where does that flawless English accent come from? “I happen to have some ties to the UK. Born in Iceland on the 6th of November 1975… and then moved to Edinburgh in Scotland with [...]

Damon Younger

2014-11-17 // 2 Comments

Saw him first as Brúnó in SVARTUR Á LEIK and was instantly intrigued by Damon Younger. Who is that guy? Damon Younger studied acting – and singing – in London (hence his beautiful British accent, if he cares to display it), he has played in various theatre productions (sic! I always fall for the theatre guys) [...]