Ken Duken

My fav films 2014 – made me cry

2014-12-17 // 0 Comments

CAMP X-RAY about the torture to both – prisoners and guards – in Guantanamo had me in tears. But the floodgates really opened at TRUE BLOOD ‘s finale. What a ride, though! Wait, there’s more: Dark backstories turned MY OLD LADY into tragedy, same with SKELETON TWINS , WISH I WAS HERE and Icelandic epos VONARSTRÆTI – LIFE [...]

NORTHMEN beat Brad Pitt

2014-10-31 // 0 Comments

(zach/bauer) Die Wikinger schlagen zu: wie heute offiziell bekanntgegeben wurde, hat sich das US-Medienunternehmen Starz die Kino-, DVD- und TV-Rechte am historischen Action-Film “Northmen – A Viking Saga”, zu dem wir das Drehbuch verfasst haben, für den amerikanischen und kanadischen Markt gesichert. [...]

Ken Duken, filmmaker

2014-10-23 // 0 Comments

The man is a brilliant actor, and he writes, directs and produces films as well. His production company Grand Hôtel Pictures , which he founded in 2003 together with Bernd Katzmarczyk and Lars Meier, makes films such as AUTUMN BLOOD with Gustaf Skarsgård and Peter Stormare, but it produces also shorts and whatever they deem “kulturell [...]

Ken Duken, actor

2014-10-20 // 0 Comments

An actor is a person who utterly convinces people of who or what he chooses to be in any given moment. By this definition, Ken Duken is the paragon of an actor. I almost wouldn’t have reçognized the man yestereve in POLIZEIRUF 110: SMOKE ON THE WATER, where he played a delightfully villainous politician. Loved [...]


2014-09-27 // 8 Comments

The sea rages like a wild beast, snow and rain and giant waves batter the longship. “On a shield the Viking sleeps” recites the voice of Thorald (Ken Duken) from the off, while we see the men all but drown. Vikings endure. They survive, they fight like Tyr, their God of War, because when a [...]

original versione, s’il-vous-plait, danke

2014-09-11 // 1 Comment

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS von Quentin Tarantino muss man in der Original-Version sehen. On parle francais, Man spricht Deutsch. Ed anche l’Italiano si fa ascoltare. Sorry, if you don’t speak anything other than English. You’re missing out – big time. Siehe Rezension (auf Deutsch) im SPIEGEL: “Spiel mir das Lied vom Apfelstrudel”. Also – weiter auf Deutsch: [...]

NORTHMEN world premiere in Zurich

2014-08-28 // 0 Comments

FULL PRESS INFO … scroll down for English version Weltpremiere der Schweizer Wikinger-Saga NORTHMEN – A VIKING SAGA Galapremiere am 10. Zurich Film Festival in Anwesenheit von Cast und Crew Zürich, 28. August 2014 Das Schweizer Historien-Spektakel NORTHMEN – A VIKING SAGA feiert am 10. Zurich Film Festival seine Weltpremiere. Regisseur Claudio Fäh und Produzent Ralph [...]
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