SLEEPY HOLLOW and wrong German

2016-03-07 // 0 Comments

As much as I love watching SLEEPY HOLLOW I get irked by the lack of proper German. Why is it so hard to get vocal coaches or voiceovers to nail the German text lines? So far I’ve encountered one (1!) actor who speaks proper German. Why?!? Bad guys with an accent as thick as a [...]

Looking forward to ZFF

2015-08-13 // 0 Comments

Zurich Film Festival is just around the corner. In less than a month the official programme will be announced – we’re already excited about Robert Pattinson starring in LIFE as well as about Johnny Depp and our beloved SHERLOCK TV-Star Benedict Cumberbatch appearing in BLACK MASS … talking of Brits: there’s NORTHMEN star Ed Skrein to look forward to [...]

MEN&CHICKEN – komischer Irrsinns-Trip in dänischem Tempo

2015-06-18 // 0 Comments

Düstere Vorahnungen beschleichen einen beim Namen Thanatos – so hiess nämlich der leibliche Vater von Elias und Gabriel, wie die beiden ungleichen Brüder nach dem Tod ihres Ziehvaters per skurriler Video-Botschaft erfahren. Also auf zur entlegenen dänischen Insel Ork, wo dieser Thanatos bald seinen 100sten Geburtstag feiern soll. Auf dem verfallenen Anwesen des Jubilars treiben [...]


2015-06-15 // 0 Comments

‘Gods cannot be painted in human form’ (and certainly not in the nude) – such is the accusation against artist Raja Ravi Varma in a British court in India of 1896. Yes, they can! A breathtakingly colourful film, RANG RASIYA (Hindi for COLOURS OF PASSION) relates how painter Raja Ravi Varma (ravishing male beauty Randeep Hooda ) takes the liberty to paint [...]

Piratenfilme am Gardasee – spannende Doku

2015-06-09 // 0 Comments

Als Kind sass ich gebannt vor dem Fernseher, als sich Lex Barker (den kannte ich ja schon als Old Shatterhand) auf Piratenschiffen in der Karibik mit den Bösen schlug. Im Sommer fuhr ich – wie viele Kinder – an den Gardasee in Urlaub. Dass die beiden Dinge zusammenhängen könnten, wurde mir erst jetzt bewusst: In den [...]


2015-06-04 // 0 Comments

Machismo might be brought about by mothers. In PELO MALO (BAD HAIR) a boy (brilliant young actor Samuel Lange Zambrano) just can’t get anything right for his mother Marta (Samantha Castillo, a new Jennifer Lopez): If he wants to straighten his curly hair and look like a singer she’s panicking that he might be gay. [...]

THE TUDORS – a jewel amongst series

2015-05-29 // 0 Comments

Not only are all technical necessities of the craft met most stunningly, Michael Hirst’s THE TUDORS is excellently written and beautifully played by such wonderful talent as Jonathan Rhys Meyers (King Henry VIII), Sam Neill (Cardinal Wolsey), James Frain (Sir Thomas Cromwell), Natalie Dormer (Queen Anne Boleyn), Henry Cavill (Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk) and many, [...]
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