Alexander Skarsgård (WHAT MAISIE KNEW) in Toronto

2012-09-14 // 0 Comments

Alexander Skarsgård, known as the 1000 year old Viking Vampire Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood, was interviewed at the Toronto Film Festival while taking a quick break from having spent the past two months in a fallout shelter filming the intense Warner Bros. movie HIDDEN, and being “emaciated,” losing 16 pounds for it. He [...]

Twins for the Emery Family

2012-09-13 // 2 Comments

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer (Sookie and Bill in True Blood) had their twins a couple of weeks early. Stephen Emery had changed his Name to Moyer, when his career took off. He has two older children from a former relationship. We [...]

Stephen Moyer goes YouTube

2012-08-23 // 0 Comments

While top-notch series like HBO’s True Blood redefine the quality aspect of TV series a completely new format might replace the “soap opera” as we knew it. As True Blood Vamp Stephen Moyer says, it’s [...]

The Barrens with Stephen Moyer (Trailer)

2012-08-22 // 1 Comment

Stephen Moyer stars in “The Barrens” – here’s the Trailer – a movie about the “Jersey Devil”. Known as True Blood’s Vampire King of Louisiana, Moyer here has to face a legendary monster as a mere mortal. And he speaks his native British … can’t be only the good guy, then, can he … “The Barrens” [...]

Casting Fifty Shades Of Grey

2012-08-15 // 0 Comments

I’m hooked, alas … read the first book in two days and bought number two and three today. There’s rumours about a 50 shades film project. Yes, I thought Robert Pattinson, when I first read the description of Mr. Grey. But pretty fast I found out, who really could pull off this role and get away with it (see [...]
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