Stephen Moyer

The End sucks – so start TRUE BLOOD all over again

2014-08-28 // 0 Comments

Remember the very first episode of Season 1, when a certain dashing vampire first caught Sookie’s (and our) eyes? True Blood creator Alan Ball comments on this episode and we learn quite a bit about how Stephen Moyer was cast as Bill Compton in the first place. Listen in to Stephen Moyer’s serious, funny and [...]

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are producers

2014-08-25 // 2 Comments

There’s no way to seperate those two – as we saw in the first episode of TRUE BLOOD‘s Season 1, and as we learned again in Season 7. Married in real life, Stephen Moyer (played Southern gentleman Vampire Bill Compton) and Anna Paquin (played Sookie Stackhouse) have founded their own production enterprise CASM, which already released [...]

HBO’s TRUE BLOOD – a Vampire phenomenon

2014-08-24 // 3 Comments

Few TV-Series have ever fascinated me as much as TRUE BLOOD. It is one of those modern American TV-shows which can be perceived as a new kind of intellectual challenge, as “Frankfurter Allgemeine” wrote in 2012 in Amerikanisches Fernsehen_ Serien als Stresstest – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – FAZ : They present the viewer with a plethora of characters and [...]

Stephen Moyer going strong

2014-07-29 // 1 Comment

I do like the attitude of TrueBlood’s Gentleman-Vampire Bill Compton towards trouble: He stabs at it, goes straight for the kill. A trait he has in common with Stephen Moyer, who these days still goes on screen portraying said 150year old Vampire magnificently in the 7th and last season of the HBO series. As the [...]

Compton und die Vorarlberger Berge

2014-03-28 // 0 Comments

Nein, diesmal geht es mir ausnahmsweise nicht um William Thomas Compton, den Vampir aus True Blood. Diesmal steht der Britische Landschaftsmaler Edward Theodore Compton (1849-1921) im Fokus, und zwar im Vorarlberger Landesmuseum. vorarlbergmuseum: Di, 1. April, 19.00 Uhr Vortrag Andreas Rudigier: Blodig und Compton oder wie die Berge Vorarlbergs in die Kunst kamen (Pressetext zum [...]

Stephen Moyer: THE FOREST

2013-02-17 // 0 Comments

I watched THE FOREST with great expectations and this is my verdict: Gigantic cast meets not so gigantic story. Or, better: The story is about a family – a man, his wife and two children – breaking apart over a camping trip and the picture would have been perfect without the pathetic plastic monster. Having [...]

Thure Riefenstein

2013-01-09 // 2 Comments

I admit it: First he caught my eye, because his way of moving, his posture and even  his mimic reminded me of one of my favourite European actors, Stephen Moyer (TrueBlood) who hails from Brentwood, Essex (UK). Then I had a closer look and I discovered the guy’s from just around the corner hereabouts: Thure Riefenstein was [...]
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