Stephen Moyer

Happy Birthday Vampire Bill

2012-11-11 // 0 Comments

43 years ago, on Oct. 11, 1969 Brentwood/Essex became a brighter place …. Stephen Emery was born and I bet he claimed attention from the very first sound he made. Better known as Stephen Moyer Mr. Emery today is probably best known for his role as the dark and brooding Vampire King of Louisiana, Bill [...]

Twins for the Emery Family

2012-09-13 // 2 Comments

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer (Sookie and Bill in True Blood) had their twins a couple of weeks early. Stephen Emery had changed his Name to Moyer, when his career took off. He has two older children from a former relationship. We [...]

Stephen Moyer goes YouTube

2012-08-23 // 0 Comments

While top-notch series like HBO’s True Blood redefine the quality aspect of TV series a completely new format might replace the “soap opera” as we knew it. As True Blood Vamp Stephen Moyer says, it’s [...]

The Barrens with Stephen Moyer (Trailer)

2012-08-22 // 1 Comment

Stephen Moyer stars in “The Barrens” – here’s the Trailer – a movie about the “Jersey Devil”. Known as True Blood’s Vampire King of Louisiana, Moyer here has to face a legendary monster as a mere mortal. And he speaks his native British … can’t be only the good guy, then, can he … “The Barrens” [...]
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