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My fav films 2014 – made me cry

2014-12-17 // 0 Comments

CAMP X-RAY about the torture to both – prisoners and guards – in Guantanamo had me in tears. But the floodgates really opened at TRUE BLOOD ‘s finale. What a ride, though! Wait, there’s more: Dark backstories turned MY OLD LADY into tragedy, same with SKELETON TWINS , WISH I WAS HERE and Icelandic epos VONARSTRÆTI – LIFE [...]


2014-03-25 // 0 Comments

Yes, it is a Vampire flick. Yet, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE is much less and much more than that. Less: It totally lacks the jolly-ghastly-fun of TrueBlood and the gothic blood thirst of your average Vampire. More: The film is an orgiastic feast for the eyes, it is full of puns and poetry and it [...]