David Cronenberg

My fav films 2014 – the best laugh

2014-12-16 // 0 Comments

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS had me literally rolling on the floor laughing my proverbial behind off – this can be embarrassing in a crowded cinema, so brace yourselves. As funny Vampires go, THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE gave me some hilarity too. I did leave the movie theatre with a wide grin on my [...]

MAPS TO THE STARS – a Cronenberg conundrum

2014-11-12 // 0 Comments

MAPS TO THE STARS , directed by David Cronenberg and written by Bruce Wagner, reminded me of NIGHTCRAWLER. It is to film business, what the latter is to news journalism – what a drama! Both films show a world of fierce competitiveness (Julianne Moore as diva Segrand, for instance) and of seriously disturbed characters (Mia Wasikowska [...]

EASTERN PROMISES starring Viggo Mortensen

2014-10-28 // 1 Comment

I should have watched EASTERN PROMISES before I saw THE EQUALIZER – I might have drawn some parallels and I might have reduced THE EQUALIZER to a brilliantly photographed “me-too”. Why, Viggo Mortensen fighting two armed thugs au naturel is so much more exciting than what Denzel Washington can do with a corkscrew. Earnestly, while THE EQUALIZER is [...]

Kammerspiel der Gleichnisse

2013-09-10 // 0 Comments

COSMOPOLIS von David Cronenberg stellt Twilight-Star Robert Pattinson als zentrale Figur in ein abgründig kafkaeskes Spiel aus Informationstechnologie, Reichtum, Hybris und Wahnsinn. “Ich wollte einen charismatischen Darsteller” sagt Cronenberg, “einen, dem man intensiv zusehen will, bei dem man jede Bewegung fasziniert verfolgt.” Das ist ihm so gut gelungen, dass man [...]