Stephen Moyer on TRUE BLOOD finale

2014-11-26 // 0 Comments

ALLSTEPHENMOYER.COM, one of the best websites concerning actor/director/producer Stephen Moyer , recently posted an exclusive interview with the man, who played “Vampire Bill” in HBO’s epic Vampire show TRUE BLOOD. This post, as well as the full interview, contain spoilers! So: for all of you who haven’t yet seen Season 7, please jump off now, if you’re concerned. [...]

MAPS TO THE STARS – a Cronenberg conundrum

2014-11-12 // 0 Comments

MAPS TO THE STARS , directed by David Cronenberg and written by Bruce Wagner, reminded me of NIGHTCRAWLER. It is to film business, what the latter is to news journalism – what a drama! Both films show a world of fierce competitiveness (Julianne Moore as diva Segrand, for instance) and of seriously disturbed characters (Mia Wasikowska [...]

EASTERN PROMISES starring Viggo Mortensen

2014-10-28 // 1 Comment

I should have watched EASTERN PROMISES before I saw THE EQUALIZER – I might have drawn some parallels and I might have reduced THE EQUALIZER to a brilliantly photographed “me-too”. Why, Viggo Mortensen fighting two armed thugs au naturel is so much more exciting than what Denzel Washington can do with a corkscrew. Earnestly, while THE EQUALIZER is [...]

Saw Tiong Guan on ZUO TIAN (PAST PRESENT) – Videointerview

2014-10-26 // 1 Comment

Malaysian filmmaker Saw Tiong Guan presented his soulful documentary ZUO TIAN (which means PAST PRESENT) about iconic filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang today at the Vienna International Fillm Festival Viennale – he talks about his portrait of Tsai and about his next project.   -> Review No [...]

Ken Duken, filmmaker

2014-10-23 // 0 Comments

The man is a brilliant actor, and he writes, directs and produces films as well. His production company Grand Hôtel Pictures , which he founded in 2003 together with Bernd Katzmarczyk and Lars Meier, makes films such as AUTUMN BLOOD with Gustaf Skarsgård and Peter Stormare, but it produces also shorts and whatever they deem “kulturell [...]


2014-09-30 // 0 Comments

How do you explain the Internet? Explaining the virtual currency Bitcoin is fairly hard as well – but Director Nicholas Mross and co-author and editor Patrick Lope pulled it off, documenting the hype and the burst bubbles of this “digital gold”. THE RISE AND RISE OF BITCOIN tracks the Internet phenomenon from its start in [...]


2014-09-28 // 0 Comments

This absolutely riveting film from Spain was screened in the “San Sebastian Window” of Zurich Film Festival and it just won a best film and a runner up director’s award for Carlos Vermut at said San Sebastian Festival. Damián, the teacher, says at the beginning of MAGICAL GIRL: “The only absolute truth is that 2 plus 2 equals 4”. Then [...]
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