Piratenfilme am Gardasee – spannende Doku

2015-06-09 // 0 Comments

Als Kind sass ich gebannt vor dem Fernseher, als sich Lex Barker (den kannte ich ja schon als Old Shatterhand) auf Piratenschiffen in der Karibik mit den Bösen schlug. Im Sommer fuhr ich – wie viele Kinder – an den Gardasee in Urlaub. Dass die beiden Dinge zusammenhängen könnten, wurde mir erst jetzt bewusst: In den [...]

IFFI 2015 – wrap up

2015-06-08 // 0 Comments

Finally is seems to dawn on people in what was formerly called the ‘3rd World’: Earning a living isn’t easy, no matter where you are; that’s the basic message in DES ÉTOILES (a lengthy and poorly made but quite entertaining film by Dyane Gaye, award-winner at the Festival d’Angers in 2014 and winner at the IFFI) as [...]

OMEGA 3 – science fiction satire about food ideologies

2015-06-07 // 1 Comment

Cars (carnivores) have been the Antichrist for ages, but now even Ollies (“Egg-eaters!”) hate Vegs (“tomato-worshippers”), and Fishies battle Frux with the ferocity of Djihadists. But the Macs (“macrobiotic crap!”) – the “Opus Dei of nutrition”, aptly clad in black – are the real bad guys. They make no prisoners, everyone knows that. [...]

SHANA – das Lied des Wolfs

2015-06-05 // 2 Comments

Shana heisst das Mädchen, das mit seiner Geige die Stimmen der Natur zu spiegeln vermag. Ihre Mutter Melanie ist gestorben, verschwunden im Wald, sagt man. Wölfe sollen sie geholt haben. Shanas Vater spricht mit Melanies Geist, wenn er nicht gerade seinen Schmerz über ihren Verlust im Alkohol ertränkt. Am Baum der Ahnen hängt Brief um [...]


2015-06-04 // 0 Comments

Machismo might be brought about by mothers. In PELO MALO (BAD HAIR) a boy (brilliant young actor Samuel Lange Zambrano) just can’t get anything right for his mother Marta (Samantha Castillo, a new Jennifer Lopez): If he wants to straighten his curly hair and look like a singer she’s panicking that he might be gay. [...]

BLICKWECHSEL – change of perspective

2015-06-02 // 2 Comments

German documentary BLICKWECHSEL (in English: CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE) takes an interesting new look at volunteering in Africa: Instead of those of the volunteers we get to hear the voices of the people who work with them in Africa. All those children and teachers, doctors and social workers, priests and nuns who see the white people come, [...]

IFFI 2015 – the Alpine one

2015-05-26 // 0 Comments

No, it’s not the India Film Festival*), it’s the one in Innsbruck, amidst the Austrian Alps, who’s going to show such films as OMEGA 3 (see pic) and SHANA (which I’ll simply have to see). The 24th edition of this (not so very) small film festival runs from June 4th through June 7th 2015 and [...]
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