Stockholm Film Festival

Filmen GENTLEMEN visas idag med ny teknik

2014-11-05 // 0 Comments

( För första gången någonsin kommer en film på Stockholms filmfestival att kunna upplevas med syntolkning i smartphone. Filmens miljö och handling beskrivs och kan avlyssnas, så att personer med synnedsättningar kan tillgodogöra sig upplevelsen. Ikväll, onsdag den 5 november kl. 18.00 på biograf Skandia premiärvisas filmen Gentlemenmed syntolkning för den som önskar. [...]


2014-09-30 // 0 Comments

How do you explain the Internet? Explaining the virtual currency Bitcoin is fairly hard as well – but Director Nicholas Mross and co-author and editor Patrick Lope pulled it off, documenting the hype and the burst bubbles of this “digital gold”. THE RISE AND RISE OF BITCOIN tracks the Internet phenomenon from its start in [...]

Next Swedish Shooting Star: Nermina Lukač

2012-12-12 // 0 Comments

(scroll down for Swedish text) For the third consecutive year, the international jury of the European Film Promotion (EFP) selected a Swedish artist to be one of the ten Shooting Stars – Nermina Lukacs (Photo: Carlo Rocchi Bilancini). The actors and actresses are presented at the Berlin Film Festival. Nermina Lukacs was born in 1990 [...]

SFF: Meet the Stars via Skype

2012-11-08 // 0 Comments

Stockholm’s Filmfestival has found a way to have celebs talk to the public face to face – via Skype. Here’s a photo of Viggo Mortensen who attended last year … genius, I say 🙂 SFF 2011 – Photo: Carla Orrego Veliz Programme for today VISNINGAR MED FACE2FACE 18.00 – The Legend of Kaspar Hauser, Davide Manuli, [...]

Stockholm Film Festival starts today

2012-11-07 // 0 Comments

Sponsored (among many many others) by the German Embassy in Stockholm – and by the Swedish Film Institute – this Film Festival seems to be comparable to Zurich Film Festival. In fact, there are some films here which I have already seen in Zurich. Although I can’t be in Stockholm myself (as much as I would [...]
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