GOTTHARD signs with US record label

2014-08-12 // 0 Comments

Swiss rock band GOTTHARD has signed a contract with a US label, writes Tony Sison in his blog TheDedicatedRockerSociety. Singer Nic Maeder is looking forward to having an album realeased in the US, but denies having plans for touring the USA as of [...]

GOTTHARD: Rockin’ on

2014-04-22 // 1 Comment

Ok, I picked my fav song on the new GOTTHARD album: RED ON A SLEEVE (scroll down for the lyrics) sounds like I remember GOTTHARD from the times I saw then rocking the stage with Deep Purple. Nic Maeder sings this heavy metal track with as much honey as steel in his voice. Superb! RED [...]

GOTTHARD Tickets Sursee

2013-07-29 // 0 Comments

All Gotthard fans who have already bought a ticket for Summer Sound Sursee festival (cancelled due to bankrupcy of the presenter), can get a free ticket at the Gotthard concert in Bellinzona on 10th August 2013. Gotthard also wants to give their (future?) fans a gift of the new radio bagpipe version of “Yippie Aye [...]

Prix Walo for GOTTHARD

2013-05-24 // 0 Comments

Gotthard won the prix Walo award! This is the video from the official event in Swiss TV – for all of you who speak German, don’t be sad: Even native speakers have their difficulties with Swiss German [...]

GOTTHARD und fünf Jungs aus Graubünden

2012-12-06 // 0 Comments

Wie bereits berichtet gab es einen Wettbewerb um die originellste Version des GOTTHARD Hits “Shine”: vergangenen Freitag durften die Sieger, das Drum Orchestra Jenaz, mit GOTTHARD zusammen auf der Bühne stehen (die Glanz & Gloria Moderatorinnen können halt nicht Graubündnerisch bzw. Rätoromanisch. Jenaz wird  “Gianatsch” ausgesprochen ….. ;)) glanz & [...]

GOTTHARD ‘Shine’ cover competition

2012-11-29 // 1 Comment

I liked this Cover of Gotthard Hit Shine – well, it was not the winning one. Who cares. Go, girl! The winners, Jenaz Drum Orchestra, will be live on stage at the Gotthard show this Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 in [...]


2012-10-11 // 0 Comments

The Gotthard Fanclub mag ALL ACCESS #49 just arrived, with as much as a tour diary by each of the band members (personally) about their concerts in Japan …Sorry guys, it’s for Gotthard Fanclub members only 🙂Listen to the band (and maybe become a Fanclub member too?) on [...]
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