Don’t blink … not only with Weeping Angels

2016-05-31 // 0 Comments

Michael Caine gives us some great advise here … so I’ll watch my fav actors even closer, knowing that the likes of Stephen Moyer or Kristen Stewart don’t need to be told that kind of basics 🙂 Watch out, actors, the next film festival is close! PS: if you’re wondering what the Weeping Angels are about check out [...]

EDGE OF TOMORROW – hugely entertaining

2016-05-09 // 1 Comment

Tom Cruise as a sleazy communications officer who does not want any part in any combat situation is a funny entree to this INDEPENDENCE DAY meets GROUNDHOG DAY meets MISSION IMPOSSIBLE story. Cruise’s character gets caught in a time loop and fights that battle against scary aliens a million times until he’s as tough as female [...]

HE NEVER DIED – feinster Vampir-Stoff

2016-05-03 // 0 Comments

“In der Walachei habe ich Tausende gepfählt, nur um sie sterben zu sehen.” Der das sagt, im Film HE NEVER DIED, das ist einer, der sich schwer zuordnen lässt. Irgendwie wirkt er nett und ruhig. Sind die Narben auf seinem Rücken etwa Spuren gestutzter Engelsflügel? Waren diese Flügel weiss? Oder schwarz? Was verstaut er da [...]

LOOPER – brilliant film

2016-05-02 // 0 Comments

We see a man in a field. He recites French words. Then he glances at his strangely futuristic pocket watch and gets his gun ready. On a blue plastic canvas before him appears a man out of nowhere. He shoots him, turns him over and cuts open his jacket to retrieve several ingots of silver. [...]

Jury duty is hell on wheels

2016-04-15 // 0 Comments

Gah! Why can’t I have 5 films ex equo in the first place? Same for second and third? Goodness, I just KNOW how much work went into each and every one of them. And so many don’t make the cut just because … well, because of what? the new one, the shining one, the one [...]

FANG DEN HAIDER – Doku-Roadmovie

2015-09-30 // 0 Comments

In der Dokumentation FANG DEN HAIDER begleiten wir Regisseurin Nathalie Borgers auf ihrer Spurensuche durch Kärnten und Oberösterreich. Was war und ist noch heute die Magie des Jörg Haider, dem früheren Landeshauptmann von Kärnten und politischen Aufreger weltweit? Borgers nähert sich Haider behutsam und liefert eine fast liebevoll faszinierte Betrachtung, ohne dabei unkritisch zu [...]
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