BLICKWECHSEL – change of perspective

2015-06-02 // 2 Comments

German documentary BLICKWECHSEL (in English: CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE) takes an interesting new look at volunteering in Africa: Instead of those of the volunteers we get to hear the voices of the people who work with them in Africa. All those children and teachers, doctors and social workers, priests and nuns who see the white people come, [...]

IFFI 2015 – the Alpine one

2015-05-26 // 0 Comments

No, it’s not the India Film Festival*), it’s the one in Innsbruck, amidst the Austrian Alps, who’s going to show such films as OMEGA 3 (see pic) and SHANA (which I’ll simply have to see). The 24th edition of this (not so very) small film festival runs from June 4th through June 7th 2015 and [...]

THE FOUNTAIN starring Hugh Jackman

2015-05-07 // 0 Comments

Sometimes a film haunts you – in a good way, even though it has its flaws. THE FOUNTAIN is one such, but you’ll need some patience to sit through your confusion as to which story writer/director Darren Aronofsky actually wants to tell. Powerful waves of imagery crash against you, eerie and beautiful, yet not fully explicable [...]

Von Edeltrash und Geschichten

2015-04-11 // 4 Comments

Die Alpinale rief zur Vorauswahl der V-Shorts, also der aus Vorarlberg eingereichten Filme – nun zählt Österreichs westlichstes Bundesland genausoviele Einwohner wie Island, hat aber bei weitem nicht dieselbe kraftvolle Filmindustrie. Dementsprechend quälend gestaltete sich die Durchsicht aller (!) Einreichungen … na ja, ich verliess nach der Hälfte der 28 Filme den Saal … [...]

CONFUSION – a brilliant mockumentary

2015-03-17 // 0 Comments

Suspenseful and humorous, CONFUSION looks over the shoulder of film students Dario and Yacine who try to capture what is to become the most important day in the life of Swiss politician Caroline Gautier (Caroline Gasser). She needs to welcome a former Guantanamo detainee on Swiss soil and gets thrown in spanners from all sides on [...]

Brilliante kurze Filme vom Max Ophüls Preis – Nachschau

2015-02-19 // 0 Comments

Exzellente kurze Filme: ALLES WIRD GUT,  EIN FOTO VON UNS, PERLMUTTER und ERLEDIGUNG EINER SACHE ALLES WIRD GUT gewann den Max Ophüls Preis in der Kategorie Mittellanger Film. Der in nur 6 Drehtagen verwirklichte Streifen im Themenkreis “Scheidungskinder” zeigt, wie ein verzweifelter Vater (Simon Schwarz) seine kleine Tochter (unglaublich gut: Julia Pointner) zu entführen [...]


2015-02-13 // 0 Comments

What happened to the wild beast called “human”? Caged in a zoo we live our lives, and some of us take on other wild companions, dogs, cats – giant cats even. MING OF HARLEM: TWENTY ONE STOREYS IN THE AIR reveals the wonder and poetry behind the true story of an “animal situation” the police had had [...]
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