50 SHADES OF GREY – the movie

2014-08-14 // 0 Comments

At last it really does hit the big screen: FEMTIO NUANSER AV HONOM (Swedish for FIFTY SHADES OF GREY… alas, not with Alexander Skarsgård and not by Lars von Trier, as we’d have suggested 😉 – So let’s have a look, who’s up to the task now: Director Sam(antha) Taylor-Johnson promises great cinematography (as in how [...]

Online blues with films and books

2012-12-08 // 0 Comments

There’s a thing …. well, two things: Since Dec 1 I could be watching (and reviewing) films at the online film festival STREAM, but I haven’t yet brought myself around to do it. Why? Then I promised R. Harlan Smith that I’d read and review his book “Robin of Tudor Gables”  … guess what … Yep. [...]

Glück, Kamelmilch, Statistik und Konjunktiv

2012-11-12 // 1 Comment

Günther Paal ist eigentlich unbeschreiblich. Vielleicht ist er deshalb als GUNKL bekannt. Ihn bei seinen Kabarett-Programmen zu sehen und zu hören hat unausweichlich Nebenwirkungen. Man fragt sich beispielsweise, was man noch verstehen muss – und was besser nicht. Allgemein. Nicht (nur) in seinem Programm “Glück. Eine Vermutung” (über das ich ihn kennen und schätzen [...]

Skarsgård flattered by Fifty Shades rumours

2012-10-24 // 0 Comments

Mid August I posted something here and this on Google plus (one of my rare public posts): Photo: Steven Klein, GQ UK “Fifty Shades Of Grey I’m hooked, alas … read the first book in two days and bought number two and three today. There’s rumours about a 50 shades film project. Yes, I thought Robert Pattinson, when I [...]

"Winter of the World" published today

2012-09-18 // 0 Comments

Ken Follett’s sequel to “Fall of Giants” is published today in Australia, Canada, India, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, UK, USA …. Italy and Denmark have it already …The yarn about 5 families “living out their destinies as the world is shaken by tyranny and war” is sure to make a delightful read, [...]