Calvin Clein Fashion Statement film

2014-08-29 // 0 Comments

More than a year ago Fabien Baron made a film starring Alexander Skarsgård . . . SimOne comes to mind. Oh, the amounts of money big brands spend on ads, branding or marketing (I know the biz, been there myself). Impress the press . . . well, the fashion crowd is hard to please – [...]

My favourite short

2014-08-11 // 0 Comments

One film shown every night at the recently closed ALPINALE short film festival captured my attention from the very first second: no, no short film …. an ad spot. And I loved watching it over and over and over and over …. admittedly triggered by the superb soundtrack of a certain Lykke Li … she’s from [...]

SWAROVSKI has gone mad

2014-01-04 // 0 Comments

What would you think as an ancestor, if your offspring did the exact opposite of what you and your family (supposedly) wanted for more than four generations? Daniel Swarovski founded his magic crystal kingdom in 1895 by fleeing his Czechoslovakian homeland and setting up shop in the Austrian Alps. This was, as the corporate legend [...]