Mads Hjulmand

BRON – THE BRIDGE – DIE BRÜCKE: Nordic Noir continues

2014-12-02 // 0 Comments

Swedish TV announces a third season of BRON (Swedish for THE BRIDGE) for autumn 2015 – already sold to 120 countries. BRON (starring among others Said William Legue) is an award winning crime series which started in 2011 with an intriguing case: A female body is found on Öresund bridge, nicely cut in half – the [...]

MIASTO 44 with Mads Hjulmand

2014-08-13 // 0 Comments

MIASTO 44 is polish for “City 44” and refers to 1944 and the Warsaw Uprising. I’ll watch this film just because a certain Mads Hjulmand (@MadsHjulmand refers to himself on twitter as “one mean acting machine”) plays a certain Hermann … sometimes (scandinavian) actors do have that effect on me. If it hadn’t been for Alexander Skarsgård I’d never [...]

How to cast some scandinavian flair

2013-06-05 // 0 Comments

source Denmark celebrates it’s national holiday today, so why not take the occasion to think about how one could spice up any film production with some Scandinavian extra talent? Just think Mads Hjulmand or …. Nordic Actors (and actresses of course) can be found easily here … and I do hope I’ll see more of [...]

Mads … der hübsche Däne vom Revier

2013-03-07 // 0 Comments

Mads Hjulmand ist ohne Frage nicht nur der Star in der ARD-Serie GROSSSTADTREVIER, sondern auch hier im blog bei den Abfragen … vor allem dieses Bild wurde gesucht 😉 Im Interview kommt der Mann durch seinen charmanten Akzent noch viel besser zur Geltung … und: Mads Hjulmand ist nicht nur hübsch anzusehen, er hat schon [...]

Danish conqueror: Mads Hjulmand

2013-01-14 // 0 Comments

Danish actor conquers Germany … and isn’t he easy on the eyes? 1,83, blond, blue eyes, born 1982, this guy from Copenhagen studied not only in Denmark, but also in Vienna and New York. Source Here’s a link to one of his roles in TV. Mads Hjulmand als Mads Thomsen – Mads Hjulmand als Zivilfahnder [...]