OZARK – best TV show since BREAKING BAD

2017-08-07 // 0 Comments

What a ride! That Netflix Original series OZARK combines brilliant film workmanship with a great storyline and unforgettable, hilarious twists. Ok, I found TRUE BLOOD hilarious as well. Jason Bateman (love him in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) not only plays the male lead, he also did some great directing. Each and every character is meticulously casted, including Ozark [...]

SLEEPY HOLLOW and wrong German

2016-03-07 // 0 Comments

As much as I love watching SLEEPY HOLLOW I get irked by the lack of proper German. Why is it so hard to get vocal coaches or voiceovers to nail the German text lines? So far I’ve encountered one (1!) actor who speaks proper German. Why?!? Bad guys with an accent as thick as a [...]

PUTIN, das Buch

2015-12-24 // 0 Comments

Ein fantastisches Sachbuch! Liest sich spannender als so mancher Roman, und zeigt das Weltgeschehen ausnahmsweise mal nicht aus der US-amerikanischen Sicht. Auch die oft schlecht informierten (oder Recherche-unwilligen) Medien, die sich häufig vor den PR-Karren des “Westens” spannen lassen, kriegen ihr Fett ab. Autor Hubert Seipel, Jahrgang 1950, schrieb für Stern und Spiegel, war [...]

CONFUSION – a brilliant mockumentary

2015-03-17 // 0 Comments

Suspenseful and humorous, CONFUSION looks over the shoulder of film students Dario and Yacine who try to capture what is to become the most important day in the life of Swiss politician Caroline Gautier (Caroline Gasser). She needs to welcome a former Guantanamo detainee on Swiss soil and gets thrown in spanners from all sides on [...]

REMAKE REMIX RIP-OFF Türkische Filmgeschichte

2015-02-01 // 0 Comments

Cem Kaya hat mit REMAKE REMIX RIP-OFF ein filmhistorisches Werk vorgelegt, das nicht witziger (und erschreckender) sein könnte. Man taucht ein in die abenteuerlichen Methoden des Filmemachens in der berühmten “Grüne-Tanne-Strasse” Yesilçam in Istanbul, wo in den 1960er bis in die 80er Jahre Tausenden von Filmen entstanden. Inspiriert von westlichen Blockbustern wie TARZAN, [...]

WAG THE DOG – the power of film images

2014-11-19 // 0 Comments

Don’t believe what you see! It’s hard, I’ll give you that. With video content by ISIS cropping up all over the internet, it becomes very believable that they indeed do pose a threat to the USA – or do they? Maybe it’s all a farce, maybe even a hoax … Mayhaps the story was even set up [...]

Amazing documentary SHOWRUNNERS

2014-10-03 // 0 Comments

Remember 30 ROCK? Reality is worse. “It’s just a fucking grind”, says one of the showrunners and man, does he mean it. SHOWRUNNERS is the title of Irish director Des Doyle‘s début documentary movie, and it is a new word for the new hybrid species of TV producer/manager/writer who set out to conquer the audiences only Hollywood cinema productions [...]
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