SLEEPY HOLLOW and wrong German

2016-03-07 // 0 Comments

As much as I love watching SLEEPY HOLLOW I get irked by the lack of proper German. Why is it so hard to get vocal coaches or voiceovers to nail the German text lines? So far I’ve encountered one (1!) actor who speaks proper German. Why?!? Bad guys with an accent as thick as a [...]

SIR GAWAIN with Ernst Umhauer – review

2015-01-18 // 0 Comments

I saw SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT today at Angers – and what a delightful short film it is! I love how young men and women clad in red, green and gold assemble for a feast amidst candles and dance to music played on historical instruments. I love the light set as if it were only [...]

Römer, Alamannen, Christen

2014-12-03 // 0 Comments

Groß waren sie, die Alamannen, jene Germanischen Stämme, die zwischen dem dritten und achten Jahrhundert rund um den Bodensee lebten, was auf Wohlstand und gute Ernährung schließen lässt. Alamannische Männer starben allerdings meist um die 40 herum, häufig als Folge kriegerischer Auseinandersetzungen. Die Frauen dagegen fanden häufig im Kindbett den Tod. Einige der Verstorbenen wurden [...]

SIRE GAUVAIN starring Ernst Umhauer

2014-10-23 // 0 Comments

We said we’d keep an eye on intense and beautiful actor Ernst Umhauer, since we first saw him in DANS LA MAISON. He stars as the mythical knight SIRE GAUVAIN (English: SIR GAWAIN) in French TV soon, as director Martin Beilby and Producer Vanessa Bertin tell us. We do hope the film (which will be finished [...]


2014-10-07 // 0 Comments

DRACULA UNTOLD shows a Prince who just wants his people to live in peace. It shows a man who becomes a monster (Vlad III’s favorite method of torture was to impale people and leave them writhing in agony for days) in order to protect his realm and his nearest and dearest. It shows a Vampire [...]

Zeitreise über Pfingsten

2011-06-07 // 0 Comments

» Erfahre mehr über das Ritterturnier in Buch an Pfingsten 2011Ich werde natürlich auch dabei sein – siehe – mit meinem neuen, selbstgenähten [...]