DEFIANCE starring Grant Bowler

2014-11-20 // 0 Comments

Grant Bowler has been Werewolf Cooter in TRUE BLOOD (see video below, where he talks with “Vampire Bill” Stephen Moyer) – and he is Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan in DEFIANCE (amongst much work he has been doing during and since TRUE BLOOD). DEFIANCE (2013-2015) however is a Sci-Fi show one simply must see, with a great opening [...]

Remember Steve Lee

2012-10-05 // 1 Comment

image source: Today, two years ago, Steve Lee was killed in a freak accident near Las Vegas. A lorry slipped and the trailer hit the Harley Davidson motorcycles he and his friends had parked by the road (in order to safely change into rain gear behind them) and one of the hogs came flying towards Steve. [...]

Carpe Diem – diese Uhr rockt!

2010-04-09 // 0 Comments

Wenn sich ein Schweizer Uhrenhersteller mit einem Schweizer Rock-Urgestein zusammentut, kann eigentlich nichts schiefgehen – also Lautsprecher am Compi anwerfen, folgenden link anklicken, zurücklehnen und geniessen: Memento Mori, Carpe [...]