OMEGA 3 – science fiction satire about food ideologies

2015-06-07 // 1 Comment

Cars (carnivores) have been the Antichrist for ages, but now even Ollies (“Egg-eaters!”) hate Vegs (“tomato-worshippers”), and Fishies battle Frux with the ferocity of Djihadists. But the Macs (“macrobiotic crap!”) – the “Opus Dei of nutrition”, aptly clad in black – are the real bad guys. They make no prisoners, everyone knows that. [...]

SHANA – das Lied des Wolfs

2015-06-05 // 2 Comments

Shana heisst das Mädchen, das mit seiner Geige die Stimmen der Natur zu spiegeln vermag. Ihre Mutter Melanie ist gestorben, verschwunden im Wald, sagt man. Wölfe sollen sie geholt haben. Shanas Vater spricht mit Melanies Geist, wenn er nicht gerade seinen Schmerz über ihren Verlust im Alkohol ertränkt. Am Baum der Ahnen hängt Brief um [...]

THE BROKEN – review

2015-04-17 // 0 Comments

British-French psychothriller THE BROKEN is a wonderfully photographed bow to Alfred Hitchcock, suspenseful, witty and with more than one citation of the master’s work. Although throughout the first third there’s little more than Guy Farley‘s music which conveys a sense of threat the film manages to keep one wondering: a little weirdness here, a broken [...]

Von Edeltrash und Geschichten

2015-04-11 // 4 Comments

Die Alpinale rief zur Vorauswahl der V-Shorts, also der aus Vorarlberg eingereichten Filme – nun zählt Österreichs westlichstes Bundesland genausoviele Einwohner wie Island, hat aber bei weitem nicht dieselbe kraftvolle Filmindustrie. Dementsprechend quälend gestaltete sich die Durchsicht aller (!) Einreichungen … na ja, ich verliess nach der Hälfte der 28 Filme den Saal … [...]

BALLET BOYS – inspiring documentary from Norway

2015-01-29 // 0 Comments

BALLET BOYS (BALLETTGUTTENE) is a film about dreams and friendship, about passion and  dedication … and about having a plan B. Plus there’s that bitter truth: every bit of success comes at a price. If you dedicate your time and energy to one thing there’s little left for other things and other people, be it [...]

SIR GAWAIN with Ernst Umhauer – review

2015-01-18 // 0 Comments

I saw SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT today at Angers – and what a delightful short film it is! I love how young men and women clad in red, green and gold assemble for a feast amidst candles and dance to music played on historical instruments. I love the light set as if it were only [...]

THE ROVER starring Robert Pattinson

2014-10-02 // 1 Comment

“Is this a threat?” the soldier asks. “No”, says Eric: “A threat means something still is to happen.” In the world of  THE ROVER the economy has already collapsed 10 years ago. People are literally down to eating their pets and guns are omnipresent – and boy do they get used. Eric (Guy Pearce) has been taken by [...]
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