Science Fiction

Why no reviews? Three reasons!

2017-08-29 // 0 Comments

Why on earth do I increasingly hesitate to write reviews? Well, there are three reasons: For one, I’m utterly bored with mainstream cinema. It’s a special effects bravado with little to no story, it’s predictable, hollow and not even entertaining. Secondly: I’m utterly bored with Indy movies. They’re either poorly made in some attempt to [...]

OMEGA 3 – science fiction satire about food ideologies

2015-06-07 // 1 Comment

Cars (carnivores) have been the Antichrist for ages, but now even Ollies (“Egg-eaters!”) hate Vegs (“tomato-worshippers”), and Fishies battle Frux with the ferocity of Djihadists. But the Macs (“macrobiotic crap!”) – the “Opus Dei of nutrition”, aptly clad in black – are the real bad guys. They make no prisoners, everyone knows that. [...]

DAYBREAKERS – as if Vampires wanted a “cure”

2014-11-03 // 0 Comments

Ok, ok, Halloween is over, but still …. I love the Vampires in DAYBREAKERS, above all, when they really, really become very thirsty (evil grin … with fangs). In this film – written and directed by the German brothers Michael and Peter Spierig – our beloved Undead run out of natural human blood and are desperately [...]

DISTRICT 9 – a science/social fiction must see

2014-08-19 // 0 Comments

OK, the South African movie DISTRICT9 is already 5 years old. But maybe it takes this long to know whether a film is a classic or not. This one most definitely is. Not only does a spaceship strand over Johannesburg (of all cities in the world), it contains half-starved alien fugitives, who get rescued and [...]