THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY – a thriller, flawless and beautiful

2014-11-08 // 0 Comments

Yes, Viggo Mortensen stars in THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY as well-to-do American tourist Chester MacFarland, so do Kirsten Dunst as his wife Colette and Oscar Isaac as charming and mischievous tourist guide Rydal (who sees Chester as a father figure and lusts after his wife) – but the real star in this directorial début of [...]

PING PONG SUMMER – back to 1985 :)

2014-11-07 // 0 Comments

Fly! Real bad (… that means good). It’s 1985 and it’s a PING PONG SUMMER for Rad Miracle (Marcello Conte), a boy who loves hip-hop and ping-pong, who has a goth sister and a Scottish dad (John Hannah), and who’s got to beat the rich kid (Joseph McCaughtry) at ping-pong in order to get the [...]

MIRAGE – a Hungarian Eastern … wait: Western

2014-11-07 // 0 Comments

MIRAGE … now there’s a film at Stockholms Filmfestival which I found highly amusing at first (so Austria/Hungary) and which I had serious problems with near the end. See – it’s done like one of those Italian westerns, it has a little sci-fi (slavery is back), and it uses the Puszta, that endless Hungarian prairie [...]

THE POOL – Dutch thriller in Stockholm

2014-11-06 // 0 Comments

DE POEL (THE POOL) is the kind of film you won’t forget. Not only because it’s a horror thriller, which might keep you awake at night – it is perfectly made. From the first frame – a kind of Rorschach-pattern of black ink in water, intertwined with faces, skulls, Gestalten – to the last (surprise) [...]

Filmen GENTLEMEN visas idag med ny teknik

2014-11-05 // 0 Comments

( För första gången någonsin kommer en film på Stockholms filmfestival att kunna upplevas med syntolkning i smartphone. Filmens miljö och handling beskrivs och kan avlyssnas, så att personer med synnedsättningar kan tillgodogöra sig upplevelsen. Ikväll, onsdag den 5 november kl. 18.00 på biograf Skandia premiärvisas filmen Gentlemenmed syntolkning för den som önskar. [...]

NORTHMEN beat Brad Pitt

2014-10-31 // 0 Comments

(zach/bauer) Die Wikinger schlagen zu: wie heute offiziell bekanntgegeben wurde, hat sich das US-Medienunternehmen Starz die Kino-, DVD- und TV-Rechte am historischen Action-Film “Northmen – A Viking Saga”, zu dem wir das Drehbuch verfasst haben, für den amerikanischen und kanadischen Markt gesichert. [...]

SVENSKJÄVEL av Ronnie Sandahl vinner Golden Hugo i Chicago

2014-10-20 // 0 Comments

Swedish Film Institute announces that SVENSKJÄVEL (English title: UNDERDOG) won Golden Hugo at Chicago Film Festival ( Chicagos filmfestival avslutas just nu och två svenska filmer blir belönade. Ronnie Sandahls Svenskjävel vinner Golden Hugo i sektionen Best New Directors Competition. Ester Martin Bergsmark vinner Silver Hugo för Nånting måste gå sönder … Svenskjävel av [...]
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