True Blood

OZARK – best TV show since BREAKING BAD

2017-08-07 // 0 Comments

What a ride! That Netflix Original series OZARK combines brilliant film workmanship with a great storyline and unforgettable, hilarious twists. Ok, I found TRUE BLOOD hilarious as well. Jason Bateman (love him in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) not only plays the male lead, he also did some great directing. Each and every character is meticulously casted, including Ozark [...]

SLEEPY HOLLOW and wrong German

2016-03-07 // 0 Comments

As much as I love watching SLEEPY HOLLOW I get irked by the lack of proper German. Why is it so hard to get vocal coaches or voiceovers to nail the German text lines? So far I’ve encountered one (1!) actor who speaks proper German. Why?!? Bad guys with an accent as thick as a [...]

My fav films 2014 – made me cry

2014-12-17 // 0 Comments

CAMP X-RAY about the torture to both – prisoners and guards – in Guantanamo had me in tears. But the floodgates really opened at TRUE BLOOD ‘s finale. What a ride, though! Wait, there’s more: Dark backstories turned MY OLD LADY into tragedy, same with SKELETON TWINS , WISH I WAS HERE and Icelandic epos VONARSTRÆTI – LIFE [...]

Stephen Moyer on TRUE BLOOD finale

2014-11-26 // 0 Comments

ALLSTEPHENMOYER.COM, one of the best websites concerning actor/director/producer Stephen Moyer , recently posted an exclusive interview with the man, who played “Vampire Bill” in HBO’s epic Vampire show TRUE BLOOD. This post, as well as the full interview, contain spoilers! So: for all of you who haven’t yet seen Season 7, please jump off now, if you’re concerned. [...]

DEFIANCE starring Grant Bowler

2014-11-20 // 0 Comments

Grant Bowler has been Werewolf Cooter in TRUE BLOOD (see video below, where he talks with “Vampire Bill” Stephen Moyer) – and he is Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan in DEFIANCE (amongst much work he has been doing during and since TRUE BLOOD). DEFIANCE (2013-2015) however is a Sci-Fi show one simply must see, with a great opening [...]


2014-10-12 // 1 Comment

Vampirgeschichten gehören zum Oktober wie Halloween, und hier ist die jugendfreie Version des unsterblichen Blutsauger-Mythos: VAMPIRSCHWESTERN 2 – FLEDERMÄUSE IM BAUCH ist die zweite Geschichte über die jungen Halbvampirinnen Dakaria, genannt Daka (Laura Roge) und Silvania (Marta Martin), die mit ihrer menschlichen Mutter Elvira (Christiane Paul) und Vampirvater Mihai Tepes*) (Stipe [...]

Amazing documentary SHOWRUNNERS

2014-10-03 // 0 Comments

Remember 30 ROCK? Reality is worse. “It’s just a fucking grind”, says one of the showrunners and man, does he mean it. SHOWRUNNERS is the title of Irish director Des Doyle‘s début documentary movie, and it is a new word for the new hybrid species of TV producer/manager/writer who set out to conquer the audiences only Hollywood cinema productions [...]
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