God Jul, season’s greetings, Frohe Festtage

2014-12-23 // 0 Comments

Thank you to all readers, commenters, interview partners, filmmakers, writers, directors, artists, festival directors, volunteers, … well, to all who made this year special: Have a happy time with your loved ones and a terriffic start into a successful and bright [...]

FIREFLY – nostalgia around X-mas

2014-12-01 // 0 Comments

With the new STAR WARS film looming ahead it’s good to rely on something sound and proven. FIREFLY is a wild bunch of characters “too pretty to die” (above all Nathan Fillion, whose character coined that phrase in episode 1), it’s my personal COWBOYS AND ALIENS story on a ship just short of a Wookie, it’s [...]


2014-10-06 // 0 Comments

Oh, to be able to take revenge like a wild animal on those who disrespect you … dark dreams I dream, when I don’t swoon about the marvellous cinematography of Danish Werewolf thriller NÅR DYRENE DRØMMER (WHEN ANIMALS DREAM). Whatever filter the camera applied for the first scenes – as if we would watch the [...]


2014-09-25 // 0 Comments

The twins Maggie and Milo dance through Halloween, always on the brink of committing suicide. Death! In real life. Which sucks, by the way. So they play pretend, from dressing up to lip-syncing “Nothing’s gonna stop us now”. But, as unhappily married Maggie puts it so aptly to her gay sibling: “Nobody’s a famous actor [...]


2014-09-22 // 0 Comments

Intensive Leistung von Wotan Wilke Möhrung, ein schwieriges Thema brilliant filmisch umgesetzt: Lars (Wotan Wilke Möhring), Piet (Nick Julius Schuck) und Maike (Matilda Merkel) versuchen gemeinsam über den Verlust von Sybille (Julia Koschitz) hinweg zu kommen. DER LETZTE SCHÖNE TAG war jener Tag, an dem Sibylle noch lebte. Ein Selbstmord stellt nicht nur die Zukunft in Frage [...]

MIASTO 44 with Mads Hjulmand

2014-08-13 // 0 Comments

MIASTO 44 is polish for “City 44” and refers to 1944 and the Warsaw Uprising. I’ll watch this film just because a certain Mads Hjulmand (@MadsHjulmand refers to himself on twitter as “one mean acting machine”) plays a certain Hermann … sometimes (scandinavian) actors do have that effect on me. If it hadn’t been for Alexander Skarsgård I’d never [...]

Kurzfilme und kein Ende: der ALPINALE erster Abend

2014-08-06 // 0 Comments

I’M A SHARPENER (17 exquisit französische Minuten) von Mahdi Lepart besticht durch fantastische Bilder, eine metaphorische Parabel sowie durch einen ausdrucksstarken Hauptdarsteller: diesen Jean-Baptiste Maunier werde ich im Auge behalten. DEMOCRACIA (11 fantastische Minuten aus Spanien) von Borja Cobeaga ist ein Kammerspiel über das Menschsein an sich. Eine an ein Parlament erinnernde [...]
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