2015-02-13 // 0 Comments

What happened to the wild beast called “human”? Caged in a zoo we live our lives, and some of us take on other wild companions, dogs, cats – giant cats even. MING OF HARLEM: TWENTY ONE STOREYS IN THE AIR reveals the wonder and poetry behind the true story of an “animal situation” the police had had [...]


2015-01-04 // 0 Comments

The CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA are a serpent made of nothing but damp air – a meteorological phenomenon mirroring both the magic and the inescapable consequences of things we see creeping up on us. Like the chance of a lifetime, like age, love, envy or a craving for death. All of them very apt themes [...]

Tribute to Viggo Mortensen

2014-11-02 // 0 Comments

Finally a film festival celebrates one of the greatest actors of our time who just won’t fit any mould: Vienna International Film Festival awards a Tribute section to Viggo Mortensen, screening 7 films until Nov6 2014 with the American/Danish artist in them: THE INDIAN RUNNER (Sean Penn, 1991), A WALK ON THE MOON (Tony Goldwyn, 1998), [...]

EASTERN PROMISES starring Viggo Mortensen

2014-10-28 // 1 Comment

I should have watched EASTERN PROMISES before I saw THE EQUALIZER – I might have drawn some parallels and I might have reduced THE EQUALIZER to a brilliantly photographed “me-too”. Why, Viggo Mortensen fighting two armed thugs au naturel is so much more exciting than what Denzel Washington can do with a corkscrew. Earnestly, while THE EQUALIZER is [...]

Film ab! – Filmvorführer bei Festivals

2014-10-27 // 0 Comments

Filmvorführer reisen von Festival zu Festival – zumindest wenn sie so vielseitig und erfahren sind wie “film techniek”-Mitarbeiter Daniel Kundi, der noch bis zum 6. November 2014 bei der Viennale “auflegt”. Diesen Einblick gab er uns vor der Vorführung von A WALK ON THE MOON mit Viggo Mortensen. Nach der Viennale geht’s für Daniel nach [...]

Saw Tiong Guan on ZUO TIAN (PAST PRESENT) – Videointerview

2014-10-26 // 1 Comment

Malaysian filmmaker Saw Tiong Guan presented his soulful documentary ZUO TIAN (which means PAST PRESENT) about iconic filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang today at the Vienna International Fillm Festival Viennale – he talks about his portrait of Tsai and about his next project.   -> Review No [...]


2014-10-25 // 0 Comments

NO FORM is an intense work of art, a dreamlike sequence on a busy street coupled with a symphony in red and white, a short film by Malaysian filmmaker Tsai Ming-Liang, whose life and childhood memories – essentially what formed him and his work – were presented in a soulful portrait named ZUO TIAN (PAST [...]
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