BLACKHAT – what it was supposed to be

2015-02-10 // 0 Comments

I wonder: Who hacked BLACKHAT and cut in random scenes of half hearted sex and half witted violence? There are brilliant scenes in it, beautifully filmed, with as much as coherent (and correct) tech talk. But then Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth – too hunky to be a hacker anyhow, sorry, Thor) points at a URL and [...]

SVARTUR Á LEIK (BLACK’S GAME) – icy land indeed

2014-11-15 // 0 Comments

I can’t help it, I just love Nordic films. Iceland has a special place in my heart, and BLACK’S GAME , or SVARTUR Á LEIK (if you talk like a Viking), is as evil and cold in places as it is warm and wondrous in others. Quite like the island it comes from, where ice and [...]


2014-09-27 // 8 Comments

The sea rages like a wild beast, snow and rain and giant waves batter the longship. “On a shield the Viking sleeps” recites the voice of Thorald (Ken Duken) from the off, while we see the men all but drown. Vikings endure. They survive, they fight like Tyr, their God of War, because when a [...]

Sven Gielnik

2014-09-19 // 0 Comments

Ausdrucksstarker Jung-Star auf den ersten Blick, auf den zweiten ein Multitalent: Sven Gielnik ist nicht nur ein brillianter Schauspieler (aktuelle Projekte: PAMPA BLUES und MESSIAH), sondern auch selbst Drehbuchautor, Cutter und Regisseur. Sven Gielnik spielte gestern in der ZDF-Komödie CHARLOTTES WELT: GEHT NICHT GIBT’S NICHT locker den restlichen Cast an die Wand. Ausgesprochen [...]

Stephen Moyer going strong

2014-07-29 // 1 Comment

I do like the attitude of TrueBlood’s Gentleman-Vampire Bill Compton towards trouble: He stabs at it, goes straight for the kill. A trait he has in common with Stephen Moyer, who these days still goes on screen portraying said 150year old Vampire magnificently in the 7th and last season of the HBO series. As the [...]