Hot Icelander part III: Damon Younger about life and fish

2014-12-22 // 0 Comments

The versatility of Icelandic actor Damon Younger comes from two sources, in my eyes: One being absolute dedication – to his body, to his voice and to his mind. The other is Damon’s unsatiable curiosity about all things concerning life. Icelanders are flabbergasted about how well he speaks Icelandic, he chuckles. Of course Damon Younger [...]

Hot Icelander – part II: Damon Younger

2014-12-20 // 0 Comments

Info about charismatic Icelandic actor Damon Younger is scarce, so we thought to contact him directly for some questions, such as: Where does that flawless English accent come from? “I happen to have some ties to the UK. Born in Iceland on the 6th of November 1975… and then moved to Edinburgh in Scotland with [...]

Damon Younger

2014-11-17 // 2 Comments

Saw him first as Brúnó in SVARTUR Á LEIK and was instantly intrigued by Damon Younger. Who is that guy? Damon Younger studied acting – and singing – in London (hence his beautiful British accent, if he cares to display it), he has played in various theatre productions (sic! I always fall for the theatre guys) [...]

Ken Duken, actor

2014-10-20 // 0 Comments

An actor is a person who utterly convinces people of who or what he chooses to be in any given moment. By this definition, Ken Duken is the paragon of an actor. I almost wouldn’t have reçognized the man yestereve in POLIZEIRUF 110: SMOKE ON THE WATER, where he played a delightfully villainous politician. Loved [...]

Sven Gielnik

2014-09-19 // 0 Comments

Ausdrucksstarker Jung-Star auf den ersten Blick, auf den zweiten ein Multitalent: Sven Gielnik ist nicht nur ein brillianter Schauspieler (aktuelle Projekte: PAMPA BLUES und MESSIAH), sondern auch selbst Drehbuchautor, Cutter und Regisseur. Sven Gielnik spielte gestern in der ZDF-Komödie CHARLOTTES WELT: GEHT NICHT GIBT’S NICHT locker den restlichen Cast an die Wand. Ausgesprochen [...]

Mark Strong, a true European

2014-07-24 // 2 Comments

Saw GREEN LANTERN yesterday on Austrian TV and – even though it was another synchronized German version (Gah!) – I simply knew that this pointy-eared alien Sinestro would have to be a British guy. When I looked up the actor, Mark Strong, in Wikipedia, I found out that he’s half Austrian, half Italian. He was [...]

Thure Riefenstein

2013-01-09 // 2 Comments

I admit it: First he caught my eye, because his way of moving, his posture and even  his mimic reminded me of one of my favourite European actors, Stephen Moyer (TrueBlood) who hails from Brentwood, Essex (UK). Then I had a closer look and I discovered the guy’s from just around the corner hereabouts: Thure Riefenstein was [...]