The Signature Of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

2015-04-23 // 0 Comments

With “The Signature Of All Things” Elizabeth Gilbert gave us the tale of a woman’s life, which is beautifully written, an intellectual pleasure and an adventure full of scientific knowledge and spiritual findings quite useful for our own lives. The book’s main character Alma is a botanist, a scientist, which in itself is still quite unusual in her day and [...]

Lena Einhorn: Blekingegatan 32

2014-11-11 // 0 Comments

Coming back home from Södermalm, from Stockholms Filmfestival, doesn’t feel so bad if one has this book to accompany the flight back to Austria. “Blekingegatan 32” is the name of the street in Stockholm Södermalm, where a certain Greta Gustafsson grew up, better known to the world as Greta Garbo. This book by Lena Einhorn (in [...]