EDGE OF TOMORROW – hugely entertaining

2016-05-09 // 1 Comment

Tom Cruise as a sleazy communications officer who does not want any part in any combat situation is a funny entree to this INDEPENDENCE DAY meets GROUNDHOG DAY meets MISSION IMPOSSIBLE story. Cruise’s character gets caught in a time loop and fights that battle against scary aliens a million times until he’s as tough as female [...]


2015-12-17 // 0 Comments

So I watched STAR WARS VII last night. It was exhilarating and riveting, but I did feel a lingering unease after leaving the cinema at about 3 a.m., as if something was missing. Jep. It feels like the original, but there’s a huge difference as well: it is nothing as spectacularly new as the original [...]

Looking forward to ZFF

2015-08-13 // 0 Comments

Zurich Film Festival is just around the corner. In less than a month the official programme will be announced – we’re already excited about Robert Pattinson starring in LIFE as well as about Johnny Depp and our beloved SHERLOCK TV-Star Benedict Cumberbatch appearing in BLACK MASS … talking of Brits: there’s NORTHMEN star Ed Skrein to look forward to [...]

Piratenfilme am Gardasee – spannende Doku

2015-06-09 // 0 Comments

Als Kind sass ich gebannt vor dem Fernseher, als sich Lex Barker (den kannte ich ja schon als Old Shatterhand) auf Piratenschiffen in der Karibik mit den Bösen schlug. Im Sommer fuhr ich – wie viele Kinder – an den Gardasee in Urlaub. Dass die beiden Dinge zusammenhängen könnten, wurde mir erst jetzt bewusst: In den [...]

BLICKWECHSEL – change of perspective

2015-06-02 // 2 Comments

German documentary BLICKWECHSEL (in English: CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE) takes an interesting new look at volunteering in Africa: Instead of those of the volunteers we get to hear the voices of the people who work with them in Africa. All those children and teachers, doctors and social workers, priests and nuns who see the white people come, [...]

Max 5 instead of 50 SHADES OF GREY – a missed chance

2015-02-16 // 0 Comments

Jamie Dornan is no Christian Grey – and that’s not only my opinion. Not for a second did I buy that a) this guy has built and runs a multimillion enterprise, b) he needs to be in control of everything including himself or c) he is rather reluctantly falling for Anastasia. So my beloved 50 SHADES OF [...]

CEREMONIN: filmen börjar på bio och på datorn

2015-02-11 // 0 Comments

Från och med fredag (samtidigt med biopremiären) finns CEREMONIN tillgänglig att streamas via de digitala plattformarna, och Att se filmen på detta sätt kostar 39 kronor. “Jobbar man med filmer som görs med begränsade resurser får man vara beredd att jobba gerillastyle”, säger Mathilde Dedye, filmproducent på French Quarter Film. CEREMONIN [...]
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