BLACKHAT – what it was supposed to be

2015-02-10 // 0 Comments

I wonder: Who hacked BLACKHAT and cut in random scenes of half hearted sex and half witted violence? There are brilliant scenes in it, beautifully filmed, with as much as coherent (and correct) tech talk. But then Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth – too hunky to be a hacker anyhow, sorry, Thor) points at a URL and [...]

JAUJA – mythological road-movie

2015-02-06 // 0 Comments

JAUJA *) takes us on a trip through cinema history (it adopts the classical format 4:3 with as much as rounded corners), through brutal colonialism (it places Patagonian indigens against European conquerors) and through mythology. It does pay off to bear with the films slow pace and the uncomfortable feeling that something is amiss – director Lisandro Alonso does [...]


2015-02-03 // 0 Comments

Forget Westerns – there’s a brilliant Northern you’ll need to see: KRAFTIDIOTEN is a thriller with expert comical relief at exactly the right times. Nils is a Swedish immigrant in Norway, who has just been elected “citizen of the year” in his small village, way up north, where his job is to free the streets of [...]

DRIFTEN fehlt der Speed

2015-01-25 // 0 Comments

Ganz ehrlich: streckenweise ist der Film DRIFTEN stinklangweilig. Trotzdem geht mir die erzählte Geschichte nach. Zum einen, weil die beiden Hauptdarstelller schlichtweg brilliant sind, zum anderen, weil es diese Story in STOCKHOLM ÖSTRA bereits gibt: Ein Autofahrer überfährt ein Kind und beginnt danach eine Liebesbeziehung zu dessen Mutter. Im schwedischen Film wird der Unfalllenker [...]


2015-01-04 // 0 Comments

The CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA are a serpent made of nothing but damp air – a meteorological phenomenon mirroring both the magic and the inescapable consequences of things we see creeping up on us. Like the chance of a lifetime, like age, love, envy or a craving for death. All of them very apt themes [...]

Weltpremieren im Langfilm-Wettbewerb

2014-12-22 // 0 Comments

Aus 150 Einreichungen dürfen 16 Langfilme um den Max-Ophüls-Preis kämpfen – 11 davon sind Weltpremieren. Bin besonders gespannt auf: Die Kafka-Verfilmung DER BAU mit Axel Prahl, Josef Hader und Devid Striesow und DIE LIEBE UNSERER ELTERN mit Franz Dinda als gefallener Engel . Aus der Presse-Aussendung: DER BAU Regie: Jochen Alexander Freydank, Produktion: Mephisto Film, Darsteller: [...]

My fav films 2014 – made me cry

2014-12-17 // 0 Comments

CAMP X-RAY about the torture to both – prisoners and guards – in Guantanamo had me in tears. But the floodgates really opened at TRUE BLOOD ‘s finale. What a ride, though! Wait, there’s more: Dark backstories turned MY OLD LADY into tragedy, same with SKELETON TWINS , WISH I WAS HERE and Icelandic epos VONARSTRÆTI – LIFE [...]
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