THE BROKEN – review

2015-04-17 // 0 Comments

British-French psychothriller THE BROKEN is a wonderfully photographed bow to Alfred Hitchcock, suspenseful, witty and with more than one citation of the master’s work. Although throughout the first third there’s little more than Guy Farley‘s music which conveys a sense of threat the film manages to keep one wondering: a little weirdness here, a broken [...]

BALLET BOYS – inspiring documentary from Norway

2015-01-29 // 0 Comments

BALLET BOYS (BALLETTGUTTENE) is a film about dreams and friendship, about passion and  dedication … and about having a plan B. Plus there’s that bitter truth: every bit of success comes at a price. If you dedicate your time and energy to one thing there’s little left for other things and other people, be it [...]

My fav films 2014 – made me think

2014-12-18 // 0 Comments

Well, LUCY most definitely made me think “what if”, but as lasting impressions go MAGICAL GIRL still haunts me, in disturbing detail. And then there’s EQUALIZER with its dichotomy between flawless aesthetics and most brutal violence, a symphony of beauty were it not for the countless deaths. Films like WHO AM I – NO SYSTEM IS [...]

THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY – a thriller, flawless and beautiful

2014-11-08 // 0 Comments

Yes, Viggo Mortensen stars in THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY as well-to-do American tourist Chester MacFarland, so do Kirsten Dunst as his wife Colette and Oscar Isaac as charming and mischievous tourist guide Rydal (who sees Chester as a father figure and lusts after his wife) – but the real star in this directorial début of [...]

THE POOL – Dutch thriller in Stockholm

2014-11-06 // 0 Comments

DE POEL (THE POOL) is the kind of film you won’t forget. Not only because it’s a horror thriller, which might keep you awake at night – it is perfectly made. From the first frame – a kind of Rorschach-pattern of black ink in water, intertwined with faces, skulls, Gestalten – to the last (surprise) [...]

50 SHADES OF GREY – the movie

2014-08-14 // 0 Comments

At last it really does hit the big screen: FEMTIO NUANSER AV HONOM (Swedish for FIFTY SHADES OF GREY… alas, not with Alexander Skarsgård and not by Lars von Trier, as we’d have suggested 😉 – So let’s have a look, who’s up to the task now: Director Sam(antha) Taylor-Johnson promises great cinematography (as in how [...]