Daniel Brühl

RUSH is about Superheroes: Best film ever

2013-09-26 // 4 Comments

Niki Lauda has always been a living legend to us Austrians. After having seen Ron Howard’s epic film RUSH here at the ZFF though, Niki goes right up to Olympus for this Austrian girl. And so does German actor Daniel Brühl. It’s eerie how he just IS Niki Lauda, gait, face, speech, eyes and all. [...]

RUSH: Austrian icon Niki Lauda … to be continued

2013-09-26 // 0 Comments

This Austrian blogger is of course especially keen to see the German premiere of RUSH, Ron Howard’s biopic about Austrian racing legend Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). The film shows how Lauda almost gets burned to death in his quest against his nemesis, the Brit James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). Howard is a petrol head, as we [...]