Piratenfilme am Gardasee – spannende Doku

2015-06-09 // 0 Comments

Als Kind sass ich gebannt vor dem Fernseher, als sich Lex Barker (den kannte ich ja schon als Old Shatterhand) auf Piratenschiffen in der Karibik mit den Bösen schlug. Im Sommer fuhr ich – wie viele Kinder – an den Gardasee in Urlaub. Dass die beiden Dinge zusammenhängen könnten, wurde mir erst jetzt bewusst: In den [...]

BLICKWECHSEL – change of perspective

2015-06-02 // 2 Comments

German documentary BLICKWECHSEL (in English: CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE) takes an interesting new look at volunteering in Africa: Instead of those of the volunteers we get to hear the voices of the people who work with them in Africa. All those children and teachers, doctors and social workers, priests and nuns who see the white people come, [...]


2015-02-13 // 0 Comments

What happened to the wild beast called “human”? Caged in a zoo we live our lives, and some of us take on other wild companions, dogs, cats – giant cats even. MING OF HARLEM: TWENTY ONE STOREYS IN THE AIR reveals the wonder and poetry behind the true story of an “animal situation” the police had had [...]


2015-02-05 // 0 Comments

LA CÈRÈMONIE is a superb work of art depicting sadomasochism as an “infant God’s sacred play” of submission and dominance between consenting, elegant and well-read adults. Those people do have their own definitions of love and sin, yet: “It’s all very complicated” as Beverly Charpentier puts it at a certain point. Well, the human condition is, in general [...]

REMAKE REMIX RIP-OFF Türkische Filmgeschichte

2015-02-01 // 0 Comments

Cem Kaya hat mit REMAKE REMIX RIP-OFF ein filmhistorisches Werk vorgelegt, das nicht witziger (und erschreckender) sein könnte. Man taucht ein in die abenteuerlichen Methoden des Filmemachens in der berühmten “Grüne-Tanne-Strasse” Yesilçam in Istanbul, wo in den 1960er bis in die 80er Jahre Tausenden von Filmen entstanden. Inspiriert von westlichen Blockbustern wie TARZAN, [...]

BALLET BOYS – inspiring documentary from Norway

2015-01-29 // 0 Comments

BALLET BOYS (BALLETTGUTTENE) is a film about dreams and friendship, about passion and  dedication … and about having a plan B. Plus there’s that bitter truth: every bit of success comes at a price. If you dedicate your time and energy to one thing there’s little left for other things and other people, be it [...]

Saw Tiong Guan on ZUO TIAN (PAST PRESENT) – Videointerview

2014-10-26 // 1 Comment

Malaysian filmmaker Saw Tiong Guan presented his soulful documentary ZUO TIAN (which means PAST PRESENT) about iconic filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang today at the Vienna International Fillm Festival Viennale – he talks about his portrait of Tsai and about his next project.   -> Review No [...]
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