Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are producers

2014-08-25 // 2 Comments

There’s no way to seperate those two – as we saw in the first episode of TRUE BLOOD‘s Season 1, and as we learned again in Season 7. Married in real life, Stephen Moyer (played Southern gentleman Vampire Bill Compton) and Anna Paquin (played Sookie Stackhouse) have founded their own production enterprise CASM, which already released [...]

HBO’s TRUE BLOOD – a Vampire phenomenon

2014-08-24 // 3 Comments

Few TV-Series have ever fascinated me as much as TRUE BLOOD. It is one of those modern American TV-shows which can be perceived as a new kind of intellectual challenge, as “Frankfurter Allgemeine” wrote in 2012 in Amerikanisches Fernsehen_ Serien als Stresstest – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – FAZ : They present the viewer with a plethora of characters and [...]

Lars Eidinger – Stalker, Hamlet und viel mehr

2014-08-20 // 0 Comments

Als “Wundertüte” bezeichne ich immer wieder einmal Schauspieler, die mir irgendwann irgendwo auffallen (so wie Lars Eidinger im TATORT: BOROWSKI UND DER STILLE GAST), und die sich dann bei der Recherche als absolute Super-Könner entpuppen – Musiker, Bühne, Fernsehen, Film. Ich frage mich dann immer, “warum hab’ ich den bisher nicht wirklich wahrgenommen?” [...]

DISTRICT 9 – a science/social fiction must see

2014-08-19 // 0 Comments

OK, the South African movie DISTRICT9 is already 5 years old. But maybe it takes this long to know whether a film is a classic or not. This one most definitely is. Not only does a spaceship strand over Johannesburg (of all cities in the world), it contains half-starved alien fugitives, who get rescued and [...]

My favourite short

2014-08-11 // 0 Comments

One film shown every night at the recently closed ALPINALE short film festival captured my attention from the very first second: no, no short film …. an ad spot. And I loved watching it over and over and over and over …. admittedly triggered by the superb soundtrack of a certain Lykke Li … she’s from [...]

Und das Goldene Einhorn geht an …

2014-08-09 // 0 Comments

Meine Favoriten sind’s nicht ganz geworden, die links verweisen allerdings auf hier rezensierte Filme … so wurden die Einhörner bei der Alpinale 2014 verteilt: Preis der Jury: House of Dust (hab ich nicht erwähnt, werd ich nicht erwähnen) Kategorie International: Penny Dreadful Kategorie Hochschule: Breathless Kategorie Animation: Wind  Kategorie v-shorts: end.wurf (gehört meiner [...]

Films I (did not) mention I

2014-08-08 // 0 Comments

“A journalist’s sharpest weapon is silence.” This I learned from my very first Editor in Chief, when I started to learn my ropes at an office technology magazine. As a TV/radio newscaster at ORF I learned also to prioritize news along certain rules of the craft. Broadcasting time is very limited. As is newsworthyness. And [...]
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