Göteborg International Film Festival

JAUJA – mythological road-movie

2015-02-06 // 0 Comments

JAUJA *) takes us on a trip through cinema history (it adopts the classical format 4:3 with as much as rounded corners), through brutal colonialism (it places Patagonian indigens against European conquerors) and through mythology. It does pay off to bear with the films slow pace and the uncomfortable feeling that something is amiss – director Lisandro Alonso does [...]

Exclusive interview with Viggo Mortensen

2015-02-01 // 2 Comments

ristrettoTV: Viggo, you are quite the renaissance man – music, poetry, painting, 5 languages, a publicist and photographer .. oh, yes, and you do some acting and producing, too – I wonder: how do you gather and keep your energy? Viggo Mortensen: It is getting more difficult to find the physical energy and mental focus [...]

REMAKE REMIX RIP-OFF Türkische Filmgeschichte

2015-02-01 // 0 Comments

Cem Kaya hat mit REMAKE REMIX RIP-OFF ein filmhistorisches Werk vorgelegt, das nicht witziger (und erschreckender) sein könnte. Man taucht ein in die abenteuerlichen Methoden des Filmemachens in der berühmten “Grüne-Tanne-Strasse” Yesilçam in Istanbul, wo in den 1960er bis in die 80er Jahre Tausenden von Filmen entstanden. Inspiriert von westlichen Blockbustern wie TARZAN, [...]

BALLET BOYS – inspiring documentary from Norway

2015-01-29 // 0 Comments

BALLET BOYS (BALLETTGUTTENE) is a film about dreams and friendship, about passion and  dedication … and about having a plan B. Plus there’s that bitter truth: every bit of success comes at a price. If you dedicate your time and energy to one thing there’s little left for other things and other people, be it [...]

BOYS – POJKARNA – short film with great actor

2015-01-28 // 0 Comments

BOYS is a 15 minute Swedish short directed by Isabella Carbonell and written by her and Babak Najafi. Young Markus (brilliant: Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs) is in an institution for young sex offenders – his crime is a terrible one, and with the help of his friend he can at least try to bury that [...]


2015-01-28 // 0 Comments

A film like an impressionist painting – full of light, shiny dot expertly set next to glittering dot on nature’s canvas. What a way to paint death. IN YOUR ARMS – I DINE HÆNDER is about a terminally ill young man from Denmark, Niels (Peter Plaugborg), who seeks euthanasia in Switzerland. He needs somebody to [...]