Hugh Jackman

THE FOUNTAIN starring Hugh Jackman

2015-05-07 // 0 Comments

Sometimes a film haunts you – in a good way, even though it has its flaws. THE FOUNTAIN is one such, but you’ll need some patience to sit through your confusion as to which story writer/director Darren Aronofsky actually wants to tell. Powerful waves of imagery crash against you, eerie and beautiful, yet not fully explicable [...]

DISTRICT 9 – a science/social fiction must see

2014-08-19 // 0 Comments

OK, the South African movie DISTRICT9 is already 5 years old. But maybe it takes this long to know whether a film is a classic or not. This one most definitely is. Not only does a spaceship strand over Johannesburg (of all cities in the world), it contains half-starved alien fugitives, who get rescued and [...]

Diane Keaton gets Golden Icon Award

2014-08-18 // 0 Comments

The Zurich Film Festival finally chose a woman for the Golden Icon Award, which she’ll receive on the 1st of October in Zurich, right after a Gala Premiere of her new film AND SO IT GOES, starring herself and Michael Douglas, the latter already a proud bearer of said Award. Since its instalment in 2008 only [...]