Joel Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman as RoboCop

2013-09-10 // 0 Comments

Ok, I admit it … without beautiful and talented US-Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman (whom I discovered almost exactly one year ago) aka Charles Joel Norström, I’d not even bother about the film ROBOCOP, due February 2014 – although I liked the Verhoeven classic a lot (uncut version, of course). But with the star from SNABBA [...]

SNABBA CASH producer wins Prix Eurimages

2012-11-18 // 0 Comments

Producenten Helena Danielsson får Prix Eurimages ( Den svenska producenten Helena Danielsson har tilldelats priset Prix Eurimages 2012 för sina framgångsrika europeiska samproduktioner. – Jag är så oerhört överraskad och stolt. Det är en stor ära att få ta emot detta pris och dessutom en ovärderlig bekräftelse på den filosofi och passion för internationella samproduktioner [...]

More Joel Kinnaman

2012-09-30 // 0 Comments

Joel Kinnaman, the Swedish-American actor with the uncannily beautiful features gets to be a real big shot in Hollywood. The photo here has been published when it was still a rumour that Joel Kinnaman will be the hero in Robocop-Reboot – well, male beauty and robotics go well together, we learned that with Jude Law [...]


2012-09-30 // 0 Comments

The international première at the Zurich Film Festival of this second of three parts is directed by Barak Najafi. It’s still beautifully made, the overall optic impression recalls the first part – hell, there’s even better original music and nicer photography – but lots of open questions remain unanswered and some of the plot points [...]

Joel Kinnaman – another beautiful Swede

2012-09-25 // 4 Comments

Well, the Thriller SNABBA CASH (see review on this blog) has a huge asset: This most handsome guy here, starring as JW. Joel Kinnaman is a Swedish-American actor, born 1979, very tall and living in Stockholm. So look out for this guy, he just might find his way into the blockbusters (I’d like [...]

SNABBA CASH (Easy Money) – Action, Blut und Tränen

2012-09-25 // 0 Comments

Spannend, brutal und berührend: das ZFF zeigt die beinharte Action-Thriller-Trilogie SNABBA CASH. Der erste Teil lief bereits 2010 höchst erfolgreich in Schweden und hat – bis auf die Schweiz – offensichtlich auch bereits andere Länder in Europa überzeugt. Gespielt wird SNABBA CASH I am Zurich Film Festival vor allem deshalb, weil das Sequel SNABBA CASH [...]