Kristen Stewart

Don’t blink … not only with Weeping Angels

2016-05-31 // 0 Comments

Michael Caine gives us some great advise here … so I’ll watch my fav actors even closer, knowing that the likes of Stephen Moyer or Kristen Stewart don’t need to be told that kind of basics 🙂 Watch out, actors, the next film festival is close! PS: if you’re wondering what the Weeping Angels are about check out [...]


2015-02-04 // 0 Comments

CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA ist zugleich ein Backstage-movie und eine Liebeserklärung an die Kunstform Film. Wie das titelgebende Naturphänomen schlängelt sich immer wieder einmal ein Schauspiel in unser Herz; Und mag es auch schlechtes Wetter künden, wir steigen auf die höchsten Berge, um es zu sehen – und uns darin zu verlieren. Selbstmord ist hier allgegenwärtig – [...]


2015-01-04 // 0 Comments

The CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA are a serpent made of nothing but damp air – a meteorological phenomenon mirroring both the magic and the inescapable consequences of things we see creeping up on us. Like the chance of a lifetime, like age, love, envy or a craving for death. All of them very apt themes [...]

CAMP X-RAY starring a brilliant Kristen Stewart

2014-11-11 // 0 Comments

The film CAMP X-RAY had me in tears – a very rare thing, all but impossible when I’m in film-analysing mode. But Kristen Stewart‘s green eyes – in her role as Guantanamo guard Private Cole – and Payman Moadi‘s brown ones – in his role as Guantanamo detainee Ali – were so full of fear, hate, [...]