Films I (did not) mention II

2014-08-08 // 0 Comments

As I posted earlier, there are films I don’t review, at least not right away. So here’s more afterglow: JONATHAN’S CHEST (USA 2014, 15 minutes) by director Christopher Radcliff had me guessing about what happened in the first scene (a lost thread) and how the last scene might be interpreted. I didn’t like that much [...]

Films I (did not) mention I

2014-08-08 // 0 Comments

“A journalist’s sharpest weapon is silence.” This I learned from my very first Editor in Chief, when I started to learn my ropes at an office technology magazine. As a TV/radio newscaster at ORF I learned also to prioritize news along certain rules of the craft. Broadcasting time is very limited. As is newsworthyness. And [...]