Annika Hellström, producer

2014-12-09 // 0 Comments

It is people like Annika Hellström who make films possible. Had she not discovered and treasured Ronnie Sandahl’s talent, his long film début SVENSKJÄVEL might not have garnered the kind of acclamation it has had recently (and will go on having). Of course Ronnie had already made himself a name as a news reporter and author. [...]

Ken Duken, filmmaker

2014-10-23 // 0 Comments

The man is a brilliant actor, and he writes, directs and produces films as well. His production company Grand Hôtel Pictures , which he founded in 2003 together with Bernd Katzmarczyk and Lars Meier, makes films such as AUTUMN BLOOD with Gustaf Skarsgård and Peter Stormare, but it produces also shorts and whatever they deem “kulturell [...]

Filmemacher Stipe Erceg

2014-10-14 // 0 Comments

Er ist nicht nur ein brillianter und hochpräsenter Schauspieler. Stipe Erceg macht auch Filme, die lustvoll jede filmische Konvention dekonstruieren: Kluge Worte vortragen – Masken tragen. Ob man mit dem Schal des Dalai Lama zur Erkenntnis reisen kann? Filmen wie kleine Jungs, Dialog zulassen, vor und hinter der Kamera. Und der Schnitt? Der geht direkt [...]

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are producers

2014-08-25 // 2 Comments

There’s no way to seperate those two – as we saw in the first episode of TRUE BLOOD‘s Season 1, and as we learned again in Season 7. Married in real life, Stephen Moyer (played Southern gentleman Vampire Bill Compton) and Anna Paquin (played Sookie Stackhouse) have founded their own production enterprise CASM, which already released [...]